Hunan style super spicy steamed Fish Head

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Dongting fish Head Guangzhou

When you tell somebody about a Hunan restaurant, always begin with the steamed fish head. Hunan Mao’s most famous dish is the spicy fish head. The fish head will be large, probably from an enormous carp or similar freshwater species, thus comical, and it will be frosted with the chopped blend of dried, fresh and fermented chiles that give Hunanese cooking its reputation for head-snapping heat. The head is surprisingly meaty.

Warning: Be careful with the small bones! But the bigger you ordered the lesser bones you will get!

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou

The signature menu :

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou menu

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou Menu

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou menu

Recommended Hunan style restaurant :

Dongting King Fish Head Cuisine 洞庭鱼头王 (Dòng Tíng Yú Tóu Wáng)

(because this restaurant has many branches in Guangzhou city, so better ask your taxi driver/hotel staff to show you the nearest one)

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou
We ordered half of the biggest fish head in around 5.5pound (about 3kg)

There are many branches in Guangzhou city, but the branch that we know that we always go there to eat is at this address below :

Near Ganding Metro/Subway Station (Computer Wholesale Market)
10 Longkou E Rd, TianHe GongYuan, Tianhe Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510630

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou
Address in local language :
广东省广州市天河区天河公园龙口东路10号 邮政编码: 510630
Telp : +86 20 8753 8593

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou

There is a unique way how to eat this fish head, the waiter gave us plastic straw when she serves the dish on our table, and she told us that this straw we can use for sucking on the fish fats! Yummy!

Dongting fish Head Guangzhou

Type of Fish :

Big Head Carp

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