Restaurant Name: Islam Food 清真牛肉館

Cuisine: Chinese Halal Food

Tel: (852) 2382 2822

Location: Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong (please refer to the map below for details)

Recommendations: Veal Goulash and Beef Dumplings

Beef Dumpling
Beef Curry

Chinese Islamic Cuisine, is essentially Northern/Beijing influenced Chinese cuisine prepared using Halal methods where the meats are prepared accordingly for consumption by Muslims. This unique cuisine stems from the 1-2% of China’s total population being Muslims. I’m not gonna lie, I had to Google all this and I never even knew this type of cuisine existed until I ate at Islam Food in Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

Veal Goulash, a steaming hot juicy meat pocket!

Islam Food is notoriously known for their Veal Goulash, a steaming hot juicy meat pocket! Crunchy and tantalizing to the taste buds on the first bite, then juicy, moist and incredibly tasty veal complete this amazing beefcake. The juice oozes out with the bite, and the heat from the pan is still retained in the meat all the way through.

Islamic Centre Canteen 伊斯蘭中心餐廳

Islamic Centre Canteen offers Halal dim sum at lunch and Cantonese dishes at dinner time. With a sizeable Muslim population in Hong Kong and a steady flow of Muslim visitors from Southeast Asia, the halal dim sum will surely make Muslim travelers at ease.

Address: 5/F, Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju, No. 40, Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai
地址: 灣仔愛群道40號伊斯蘭中心5樓

Opening Hours: Daily 9 am to 9 pm.
Getting There: MTR Causeway Bay – Exit A. Walk to Wan Chai Road. Walk straight and turn left to Tak Yan Street & turn left to Oi Kwan Road. It would be easier if you have a map along.
Price: Below USD10 / RM33 per person ( dim sum )